Yours Truly


I'm Alexandria and this is my blog!

I'm not exactly sure how I came to love the whole "fashion" thing. As a two year old, I rocked the neon backwards hat of the 90s and would rather take a dirt bath than a real one. Being the only granddaughter, I was forced into frilly dresses with lace and puffy sleeves complete with enormous bows that had to be taped to my bald head (I was kind of a late bloomer with the whole hair growing thing).

Despite my tomboy-esque demeanor, I would sit in my room and play with my Barbie dress designer software. I also enjoyed sketching garments and giving them fugly patterns and obnoxious color schemes. This grew into a love of the arts, whether it were paintings, poetry or music.

At the age of 14, I contracted some type of organizational disease that made me have a dire need to write everything down in lists; this included outfits I would wear for the next two weeks. Every detail, down to how I would rock my hair was written down on a sacred piece of paper that I would follow religiously for the next fourteen days. It was the highlight of my day to sit in the back of my science class daydreaming of the fabulous looks I would be donning in the near future.

Around this time I also became obsessed with painting and enjoyed art classes all throughout high school until my senior year when my work was scrutinized for being different. "Not good enough", "sloppy", or "undone", my work never seemed to be up to par according to my peers and professors who apparently knew everything about everything. However, I never lost my drive and optimism.

It was after I had a wake up call that I decided to start a blog. With, yet, another let down after a painful interview, I was left feeling, not upset, but determined. I was hell bent to prove this minuscule obstacle wrong. Just because this guy didn't like my ideas, doesn't mean they're rubbish.

I hope that everyone who reads this realizes that they should never give up if someone tells you that your idea isn't good enough. Everyone's opinions, ideas, thoughts and expressions matter and I love hearing the way others see things as well! Enjoy my random ramblings and fun insights on all things fashion and more!